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12:21:00 PM

This will be a short recap of how I got my cat, my adorable companion named Motu.

The name itself is a story already, since I was at the time living with my two best friends. We had been wanting a cat forever, but everyone told us not to get one, because "you will move apart and then what".

So in the end I wrote to cat's shelter and asked if we could maybe keep one in short time, just to be a foster home, not forever home. It took months, until finally a very nice person sent me a mail, asking if we could host one cutie that was at the same day rescued from the streets. Of course we could.

One of my friends organized the car and off we went, to other side of town to vet, because he had an operation and stuff done before we were allowed to take him home. It was a great decision and I'm pretty sure it was the moment everyone already knew we wouldn't give him away.

I also remember that while we were driving to the place, I got a call from some phone marketing company. I know, why would I even say this? But I think to this day it was the greatest answer I have ever given to when someone has wanted to sell me something. The thing was that they offered a TV package, like "yes, you can have like 150 channels and you only pay this much per month". I hate hanging up on people and making apologies, but I know that it is easier for salesmen if I say straight that I am not interested. So to make my point clear, I just stated that I don't have a TV. And made the person on the phone laugh for a minute straight. I'd like to think that they still sometimes tell about this weird girl in 21st century who doesn't have a TV. I think it was a happy ending to this, though.

Now back to the cat. We took him home and just sat with him, he had had his nose broken, but he was still super adorable and kept purring like there was no tomorrow. He was also limping his firs paw, but that passed soon and we were assured by the vet that he was okay. So when he finally was healthy again, he simply became to king of this flat. And it hasn't changed ever since.

About the name - my friend said that since he can't stop purring, and motors purr, we can just call him Motu to be special.

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