The atmosphere

4:00:00 AM

How would to explain the music you listen to?
- Atmospheric pop that balances '60s psychedelic guitar rock and more contemporary electronic dance music.
(Honestly, I am not entirely sure I know what it means. I will have to pretend I do to uphold my music geek image.)

Has it always been like this?
- Absolutely not.

An example of my music taste change in order of getting these CD-s.

Since you could just see your end of the year Spotify stats, I thought I can't pass this oportunity to slightly mention what kind of music I listen to. For the past 6-7 years I have moved from visual Korean pop music to... Norwegian pop music. And rock. And rap. But the main difference is probably me understanding the lyrics in case of English songs and also paying more attention to music, not only visuals, such as dancing and presence.

I'm so glad to all of twitter people, because after the weirdest thing called "Ylvis" happened to me, I would have been stuck if not for you recommending me stuff, talking about artists I had no idea about. I'm in love with just literal music more than I have ever been.

Also - how many of you think of the production behind the whole thing? I mean, not really, right? But after discovering that all of my favourite Norwegian artists' songs had this in common, I started to appreciate the role of producer a whole lot more.

You can clearly see the change in my music taste, though not completely, because I started using Spotify more actively only from April. Anyway, thanks to Norwegian music and comedians and artists and people I have been to a concert in Sweden, Stockholm, I have been to Oslo for comedy show and I have also seen my favourite Norwegian rapper live in a super small concert.

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