Christmas market and keeping positive

11:00:00 AM

Hey there.

So for a while weather has been not that nice. Now it is the beginning of December and there are again signs of first snow, but it is not enough. However, I went to see the Christmas market in Tallinn old town the day after it opened so I thought I'd share some of the pictures from there. It was an ugly, rainy and cold day but still made me feel so much better. I really enjoy having busy days during my weekends, and busy for me can mean just walking around and seeing something. I'd like to have some suggestions to do when the weather is just being like this and you constantly feel cold. What are your "outside" or rather "not home" activities during dark months?

Also, one evening after work I met up with some friends to decorate gingerbread cookies. I love gingerbread cookies! As sad as it is, it was actually my second time ever decorating those, since we usually just had them plain when I was young. You know, too much sugar and food colouring etc. But just LOOK how pretty we made this!

And then finally to bring some nice Christmassy vibes into our not decorated home (because cat would break everything and I would totally be too lazy to take decorations down later), I got a basket and at least filled it with nice things.

How do you keep positive during the time that is between Halloween and Christmas? This is really important, asking for a friend...

I think I'm trying to do blogmas, though I started one day too late. Will see how it turns out!

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