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Who else is just super sad the snow is going and it is actually raining and everything is this awful cold, wet and dark? I'm just putting up my both hands and say I am double the amount of sad than I thought I would be.

But anyway, to cheer myself up, I'm going to post some pictures from when I went to my parents' place this weekend, since it was Fathers Day here in Estonia and coincidentally also my dad's birthday. Not exactly on the same day, but almost. Funny how my dad was born near Fathers Day and I was born near Mothers Day.

Anyway, we had some nice time with family and aunt plus grandma, since we don't really meet our relatives that often, everyone live too far apart and it has never been part of my life really. And also my dad dislikes celebrating stuff. I got him a really cool present from (here I'm looking at everyone who think they are going to be late with ordering Christmas presents online and let me tell you, you are late). The page has a lot of genuinely weird and pretty expensive things, but you can find something nice as well. Especially for friends and people who enjoy casual jokes*.

The next day was when I decided it was time to go for a little walk around the neighbourhood, since I love it to pieces. I headed to my favourite place, the forrest, which I honestly love the most with some snow - I don't like bugs, in fact I'm terrified of them, and winter offers the nice calm and super quiet place to just collect your thoughts as I'm having some troubles with those recently.

I can't wait to go back home during the time the snow is (hopefully) even deeper and it is even colder. It still felt a little too much like autumn, but hey, it was indeed a very early snow this year.

So, until the real snow comes, just look at the pictures you surely must have taken. Or I took, since I don't think you all even have snow or just not yet.

And a big shoutout to Dilan who asked me specifically for pics of snow and I didn't deliver yet.

*not sponsored, sadly.

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