Upcoming trip! (and some music news)

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It is time to go back! To Oslooo. Honestly I cannot believe this picture is taken last year in February - look how sunny and nice it is.

Anyway, it has been quite a long time since I have updated here. As everyone know, I have a new job and don't go to university anymore since I didn't know if I want to continue with Master's degree or not. So I haven't had much time off (full time office work yo). I took my vacation in March, it started yesterday, and I will spend a week (7 nights) in Oslo. All alone. And I'm not mad about it.

Actually I had many doubts before booking the trip. I haven't done much travelling alone and I have always had someone to rely on. This time I'm by myself and whatever comes my way has to be faced. I think it will be a great experience, especially since I love Oslo, my sweet sweet city.

I will also attend Sondre Lerche's concert, finally! It is in Sandvika and I don't know where that is or how to get there and what to do there, but it seems to be a small concert and I really loved when I attended Lars' one that was like this. Though then I had Aylin with me...

I am also thinking about going to see LANY that happens to play a night before. Then some touristy things and just hanging out in general places I am obsessed with. I really want to go and see the nighthawk diner, it seems amazing place and the way their menu is written... just perfect. Obviously I am extatic to have Jo Nesbø tour going on while I am there... so gonna attend this one.

Also - some even more  exciting things (is this possible)? I will probably meet one amazing producer and get to see their new studio in Oslo! This seems so unreal and I hope our schedules will fit! I will also be writing several smaller pieces on different artists - some of them have contacted me, some I have contacted myself but that does not change anything. I am really really excited to let you know about these projects and their outcomes soon enough!

Anyway. I hope this has been something you have enjoyed reading. Please talk to me. I'm so lonely.

Some throwback pictures are in order, I suppose.

My absolutely favourite picture I have ever taken. And this area will have a small market happening on Sunday while I'm there!

The Norwegian folk museum. It was crazy cold. I don't know who is going to lend me their jacket when Aylin is not with me... should this happen again.

Colourful beautiful and homely streets of Oslo.

And this is one area my ex flatmate showed me that I am yet to discover more!

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