Unreal trip (p.1)

10:59:00 AM

My trip started from Tallinn on the morning of Wednesday. I was kind of anxious all morning since I really don't like flying. I used to, but it is not that great and I just get so cold, my eyes get super dry and ears want to explode. Also I had never been to this airport that I was landing in alone and on top of that had to make it to my airbnb place. In general, I have never went abroad alone. Or like, have a solo trip, which I did this time.

Hoping I have all the stuff I need, I headed to the airport. I got there rather late and only had to wait about 20 minutes until boarding. Unfortunately I did not have a window seat but I was right at the emergency exit so at least I had a lot of leg space.

The plane ride was smooth and I'm so glad Norwegian Air offers free wifi on board. The landing and abour 20 minutes before it was really really bumpy though. The worst flight I have ever been on, actually.

I made it on the groud safely and managed to also get to Oslo. It was so beautiful and I absolutely loved the feeling of finally being back in Norway.

From the Oslo central station I got the bus ticket/weekly ticket and followed my airbnb host's explanation to get to her place. I found the place super easily and I was really happy with the flat! I had a big room and the kitchen was lovely. The host was such a sweet girl and we got along really well. It felt like we were roommates, rather than anything else.

I left my stuff there, changed and got ready. I decided to walk to the central because it was only about 20 minute walk through Grünerløkka area. And man, I love this area! Also the place was quite near to the place me and Aylin stayed last February so I was familiar with it.

The first person who walked past me wore NMG dark red hoodie (that is frigging sold out! Have been complaining to A-Laget member forever about it.). I took it as a good sign and continued my stroll through the most hipster area in town. Even though I was rather tired it was wonderful to feel at ease and breathe again. I literally enjoyed every single step I took.

I made it to central really fast and of course, of course my first destination was the opera house! It is no secret it is my absolute favourite place in Oslo. Okay, before that I did stop to withdraw some money which I decided not to exchange back in Tallinn.

And then I was there. On my beloved building and looking over the sunset and Oslo. Still as magical, still as fantastic, still as amazing. I don't think it is possible to get tired of this view, this atmosphere. They are building a library right next to it so there are a lot of building equipment and machines around, but thinking back, I barely remember this.

After spending about 2 hours (!) just chilling there I decided to head back. Everything was already closing but I took a short break at W.B Samson cafe to have some coffee and a sandwich. Then I walked some more and got some groceries.

The reason I love staying at airbnb over a hostel or hotel is that I can just get what I need and cook at least breakfast and dinner there. I mean, I did not do too much cooking, but Oslo is super expensive and like this you are at least able to save a bit. Also since I am used to having at least 4-5 cups of coffee a day it would have come out quite expensive. (Considering one cup of regular coffee in most cafes is at least 3 euros.)

The airbnb host was there and we chatted a little about my day and my plans for the next week. I hit the bed quite early since I had been awake since like 6 am thanks to my nerves.

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