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The next few days were occupied by the music festival that I have already briefly mentioned, but I will try to, one day, get more energy and mindfulness to write about those on Nordiksimit. I hope. I am sorry.

I am trying to finish this trip recap though so I will be focusing mostly on what I did do alone when I was not busy with delegate business.

Going through the pictures I am impressed how I do not need any edits. They just look so nice already.

On both days of the festival they had pretty cool panels, and some of them were even in English. I attended one that was about Norwegian success in oversees market, and one about promotion and building a fanbase.

I love walking. Especially when places around me just look... amazing. I am still feeling weirdly honoured having seen all these streets and glimpses into people's backyards and homes.

These panels were held usually around 12 so that is when I got myself ready and went to the city center. After that I would usually have a couple of hours to do some other, more touristy stuff and have food, before heading to the concerts that started at around 5 pm.

I am glad to have seen the gigs, I really am. And visiting one of th clubs that has been fascinating me for a long time - klub Kok. A big shoutout to my friend from NMG who was there at the door and had a little chat with me. It was bizarre.


Anyway, on this particular day I wanted to see some more museums or something - I was actually kind of tired from running around, yet wanted to see what there was and what people liked. I have to say that even if I was disappointed by a few things during my trip, I do not regret going anywhere.

A lot of troll-themed art. And now just any normal graffiti.

It is pretty awesome to think back and say like "oh yeah I was there". Also as Bryggen is sinking and they are doing their best to save the place and renovate it, I am glad I was able to visit a lot of those places that may actually be closed for a while (told by the airbnb host).

Hanseatic museum had realllly beautiful vibes thanks to shining sun. It was also quiet inside and really made me feel like I was in some middle age old seaside town.

Looking back at these pictures I am surprised I felt disappointed at the time.

Very cinematic and organic.

So on this day I went to see the Hanseatic museum at Bryggen. Honestly I was... not impressed. It was beautiful, yes, but as Estonia's towns were part of the Hansa towns, it was not mindblowing or new for me. It still had some interesting things there - like old colourful decorations on the walls - some made after descriptions, some originals. As I was alone, I took my time to read the explanations on the walls and next to pictures, furniture or items. This is one part that I really like about going to museums when I don't have company with me. So travelling alone, doing touristy or sightseeing things are nice - both when you are with friends and when you are without. It is different, but still nice. You just have to make it enjoyable for yourself.

I used to take a lot of comfort in travelling with someone else.

Would not be a proper Bergen post if I did not add a picture of the view of mountains.

When me and Aylin went to Oslo that very first time, I am ashamed to say, that I did not even try to pay attention to places we went. I mean as in which streets and transport we took. I feel like I was just tagging along and having someone do all the work for me.

Yes, I am bad in getting around myself. I get lost more often than not even if I have a map, google maps or gps. But there is also something beautiful in it. If you have time, and you want to be somewhere, you will find your way and maybe discover some new, amazing and interesting places. It all depends on how you think about it. And it is important trying not to get frustrated or annoyed.

Anyway, the evening was busy, running from place to place to see all that I wanted to see. Missed one of the concert because there were too many people, made it home by 1 am.

Perfect to capture my mood and airbnb host's style.

It was difficult for me. I was both happy, sad, depressed, hopeful... but I was better.

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