True colours

1:37:00 AM

The next day actually started by showing us some true Bergen colours aka there was like one minute of light shower. Which was nice as I am not a fan of rain, there is plenty of it in Estonia.

Never ever ever getting tired of this view. MOUNTAINS!

However, I think that what shows your true love for a place, town, country, is that if you still enjoy being there at it's worst. Something my friend told me and something I have to agree.

I have been in Oslo during rain, snowstorm... I have been there when I am cold and hungry; yet I have enjoyed every moment of it. Same with Bergen actually.

I love Nordic design.

Me and Dilan headed for the Bergenhus fortress for the first thing in the morning. We had wanted to see it for a while already. I think it was actually on the same day that Dilan was leaving me... But we had a good more than half a day ahead of us.

The fortress was kind of disappointing and the tower was closed for renovation, but nevertheless it was interesting and I was glad we decided to drop by. We arrived early, sat outside and ate some chocolate, talking about how Imsdal water should sponsor us for our Norway trips the next time around (there will be a next time! We have already agreed to have Dilan's graduation trip in Norway, year to be confirmed).

It was a good time to visit. So much colour.

The fortress itself had a vibe of Hogwarts and there was the great hall that was actually like... the great hall. It would be a cool place to have Harry Potter convention at.

Some fortress.

I am telling you! It would make an awesome great hall!

After that we took some time to walk around between the amazing houses and just to see the narrow streets, check some stores and get some souvenirs. Of course we stayed in Bryggen for some time, just enjoying the atmosphere. We also got postcards and wrote them; one for our lovely airbnb host.

Enjoying the nice houses.

Oslo definitely has more art but Bergen had some gems.

I hate goodbyes. Both to people and places. But I try to think of it as... if there is goodbye there has to be another meeting. I never expected that I will see Dilan so soon. She was here last year in August, but I never thought that we woukd be able to go to Norway together. It was bizarre when I told her about my plan for Bergen and she actually said that she could do it WITH me. It was fantastic.


I still felt really upset after saying bye to her. I headed to Starbucks to try the pumpkin spice latte for the first time, it was too sweet. She would have liked this. I constantly had the need to speak out loud and tell her stuff, but the best I could do was to text her. She also had some trouble with school so she was stressed, but I was glad she managed to be strong and make my trip the best. :) Thank you Dilan, my best travel bud! Next time you are gonna show me Stavanger!

Dilan takes great photos okay?

After that I had to head to Vill Vill Vest center and get my press stuff. I was a delegate and surprised by it as I just aimed to have the press pass. However in the end I managed to attend some preeeetty awesome conferences and events and have some amazing interviews.

NB. I am really sorry I have not posted any. I am having some crazy issues of being depressed, however I saw a therapist and HOPEFULLY things will start getting better. Not know when but... I will try to focus on this. I am so sorry for disappointing you all.

Anywhoooo. I really wantedt to go up Fløyen again so I did that. Also there was music video competition starting soon so I pretty much ran up there, enjoyed the view and then ran back down. 

And up!

And down. It was my first time seeing clouds in front of mountains like this I am still not over it.

The first event for Vill Vill Vest was music video showing - it was actually great. I did not understand much of what was being said but I have always enjoyed Norwegian music videos. They are charming, sometimes (okay, most of the times) weird, but always very high quality.

After that I headed home. I was tired. Emotionally and also physically. Runnind and walking on hills don't really come close. Last one is MUCH more difficult.

Bye from the travel buds!

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