24 hours on raw food

11:08:00 PM

My lunch for the day. Very, very, very good, simple, fast and perfect for this hot weather. Looking forward to any ideas to add or switch up...?

It got hot already forever ago and surprisingly the heatwave is still going strong. Today I also went to a free yoga class at the beach - this was really neat, the first ever yoga lesson I actually liked, but I managed to get super sunburnt. (Also, I promise there is the post about 7 day yoga challenge coming too!)

Anyway, on one of those hottest days I decided to try and eat only raw foods. It was too warm to even have much of an appetite, so it seemed simple.

Yeah. Simple. Maybe. I am a complete newbie when it comes to raw food, so I decided to do this challenge for 24 hours and I was not super strict, as I could have been. Also, I was conflicted - should I still be allowed coffee? Luckily, most of my friends decided that yes, it is ok. :D I mean, me and coffee - we cannot be separated!

Estonian version of the challenge is available here.

Morning - I still wanted to get my porridge. I mean, I have never been a huge smoothie person. Yes, I did have smoothie bowls during my no spend week challenge, but it was more like a dessert. To start off the day with a smoothie... I dunno. Breakfast is generally my favourite meal of the day and I hate it when I can't enjoy it. :D Smoothie for me is like a drink - I usually have it quite fast and after this, I feel hungry again in like ten minutes. I have no idea how much I should drink it. I mean, it is filling, but for a MOMENT only.

I decided to go for overnight oats instead. I did not have the quick cooking ones, of course. So a night before I mixed some almond milk, oats and added shredded coconut as well as cinnamon, raisins and nuts + seeds.

Obviously it escaped me that when I am cooking oats on the stove, some of the liquid evaporates, so the overnight oats came out a bit... watery. :D But it was not bad - the taste was there! I didn't add any other flavourings (like peanut butter powder or chai spice or cocoa), because I was not sure of the rawness. However, I am still not convinced I managed to be all raw. But hey, I did do my best! Apologies, if you feel offended - please don't and teach me instead. I didn't have much time to make research and plan beforehand as well, because it was just intended to be simple and fun, spontaneous challenge.

Anyway, I added some strawberries to my overnight oats and drank my coffee happily with almond milk. If nothing else, at least it was 100% vegan day. :)

I would happily have avocado for breakgast with like toast or homemade bread (if it wasn't raw food day), but I just... love porridge too much?

I didn't feel hungrier than usually, even if I was walking around at the Maritime Days festival near the sea.

Snacks - Still, I wanted to snack for a bit. Mainly also so I could get more water in - I am really bad at drinking enough. For snacks, then, I had apples, pears and tons of watermelon. And I didn't really need much else...

Toortoit_3          Toortoit_4

So yeah, the usual snack... With summer, it is the best that all the fresh produce is available for quite cheap. I think I had like... 4 bowls of watermelon AT LEAST.

Lunch - This was easy, as I tend to have this kind of stuff at home anyway, and during days like this I (and my sister) often have something similar. Or just as a side. This time I made a bigger size of course.

Toortoit_1          Toortoit_10

Yeap. That was it. Salad with salsa and an apple. Because vegans eat grass. Anyway, actually I did want to mention that there are A LOT of good vegan and raw vegan bloggers and vloggers you should look into if you ever wanna try having a similar challenge or change your lifestyle or see how it works for you.

The proper lunch, as pictured at the beginning, was actually Romaine lettuce, salsa sauce, marinated onions, cucumber, tomato, bell paper and salad topping seeds mix thingy. I would say the seeds really add a nice texture. Also I did have another cup of coffee, because... how could I not? And if (almost) everyone agreed I'm allowed to...

Dinner - I wanted to try something I haven't made before, so I actually went to the store, hoping I will get sudden inspiration. :D I mean, I guess it was semi-successful.


Loved it, proper sized meal! :D

I picked up a huge zucchini - which I do not recommend, because it was almost impossible to make these zucchini noodles with my spiralizer, but I managed - and an avocado, as they seem to finally be in season and the price is okay. Generally I am not an avocado-person (no idea why, these are so good!), so I was very excited at myself for picking a good one.

So I made this pretty decent salad/raw pasta. Zucchini and added homemade guacamole (my version had tons of garlic, tomato, whole avocado, salt, pepper and lemon juice). As a drink I had some carbonated water. I used to be super obsessed with Coca Cola, but I am trying to limit this and move to water. Currently my favourite is Aura's cowberry (oh, didn't know that word) one.

Toortoit_5          Toortoit_9

Nom. Just looking at this picture, I am craving it again. It was so nice and fresh!

Dessert - I guess I could have been more... innovative or something, as this is my regular dessert/after meal snack anyway. :D It had black cherries, babycarrots, cherry tomatoes, an apple and a pear.


This is so good, especially if you keep the fruit in the fridge!

In my opinion, the hot day was quite successfully survived. I didn't have sister with me on that day, but now that she has been home, we have made the zucchini-avocado thing for like... 5-6 times already. And she also loves it.

What did I learn?
That I actually am an avocado person.

Would I do it again?
For sure. If I pulled myself together and made some proper research and planning, I would really like to try it at least for 3 days. Just to get a feeling of how it would be.

During that day and the next morning I was great. I was feeling quite frest, to be honest.

Anyway, share some ideas and... would you try it?

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