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Pet peeves, quirks or however else you can call them are just so normal about your life, even if you do not think of them. This time I'm bringing you some of the waitressing quirks I have discovered over the years of part time job. It's of course only applicable to Estonia, because I don't really know the waitressing culture in another countries. I can imagine some neighbouring ones are similar, but still. Also it hugely depends on the cafe or restaurant as well. Anyway, here they are:

Different kind of people you'll meet at my workplace -

1. The Hungry Ones. More commonly:
  • So, do you have anything to eat? (Remember, we are a restaurant.)
  • Do you have a kitchen, do you have something to eat?
  • Are you open? (Come on dude, you literally just CAME IN FROM THE DOOR NO, WE ARE CLOSED.)
  • Can I eat anything?

2. The Blind Ones. More commonly:
  • Do you have any soup? Oh, a menu? I don't have my glasses.
  • Can you read me everything on the menu? What was the first thing again?
  • What food do you have? I don't understand when I read, can you read it out loud?
  • Ah, a menu? I think I won't eat here then.

3. The Demanding Ones. More commonly:
  • But can I have it on the side?
  • Oh, it's a pasta? Can I get it with potatoes or rice instead?
  • Don't you have a pizza? But can you make it?
  • I've been waiting for five minutes and it's not ready yet? (Again, please do keep in mind we are a restaurant and not a fast food place and we do tell you how long it takes if you ask in advance.)
  • But can you add [any ingredient]?
  • Oh, it's ready? I forgot to say I want [this] on the side. Or I'm allergic to [this].

4. The Lost Ones. More commonly:
  • Wasn't here another place? (Yes, but almost 3 years ago.)
  • Don't you serve [this] anymore? (No. We do change the menu. You can't expect us to offer same food for 5 years in a row.)
  • Do you know where the car store is? (I mean... seriously...)
  • Can I use your bar computer?

5. The Angry Ones. More commonly:
  • You don't have smokes? WHY??
  • Why is this so expensive? I refuse to pay for it.
  • I ate everything but I didn't like it and want a discount.
  • I want to file a complaint. You looked at my kid angrily. (I literally did get this kind of complaint once.)

6. The Important Ones. More commonly:
  • A waitress or a dog? Not sure, I'll just snap my fingers.
  • I really want to eat but waitresses are so unimportant I can't order. (Literally, there are people who don't say a word to you.)
  • I come here every day and now someone else is sitting in my table?
  • I'm a customer and I'm a king, therefor, if you are open until 11 at night and I want to stay longer I am allowed to. Doesn't matter you are working at 6 am the next day.
So, here are some that I just remembered. Tell me if you have any similar things to add or is this completely different in your country or favourite restaurant.

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