New work, new me (but still as grumpy)

10:19:00 AM

Let's start with some amazing street art. And then explanation. So. I have decided to try and write something about my day or about some other kind of general musings every day for at least a week. Here is the first one. Also, more about the picture: went around a few weeks ago to see what Tallinn's up to. Apparenly we are still great wannabe hipsters (or are we? Maybe we have reached the level already... let me know what you think.).

And now, the rest:

It is kind of funny how I used to dream of a job that would be sitting in an office. I mean, honestly, who wouldn't want their own cubicle and computer and office drama? Okay, maybe I have been influenced by some TV shows a bit too much, but hey.

Well. It appears that office job is not like this in Estonia's case. Having worked in two now, the only good thing is probably not having to communicate with clients from face to face (an introvert in me is just super happy about that). However communicating with coworkers is somewhy an obstacle I can't overcome. Especially if not only me, but the other person is on the upper end of awkwardness scale as well.

However, I have picked up some good tips on how to write official e-mails when you are customer and want to leave... well, a long-lasting impressioon of yourself. Here goes:

1. Just use CAPITAL LETTERS. Honestly, the fact that it is rude doesn't even matter! People understand everything written in CAPS LOCK much better and will DEFINITELY answers FASTER since they can SEE HOW SERIOUS YOU ARE.

2. Use a lot of exclamation marks!!!! Or even better, add some question marks!!! Nothing says like an official mail than ending sentences with ???!??!?!???? Again, you will get the attention you desperately want and do not worry - you totally won't be called "the exclamation mark client" in the future.

3. Threatening. Because obviously this will open all the doors. Nothing better like starting, or - for stronger emphesis - finishing your mail with "Do I really need to go to media with my complaint". Use this, when you know you really can't do anything and have already sent several mails, maybe finally this will magically fix your problems. Since, as they say: I read it on the news so it must be true. (Irrefutable - impossible to deny or disapprove. Sorry. Trying to get on with studying for a big expensive IELTS English test I'm planning to take that needs advanced vocabulary and this was new for me.)

4. Make unreasonable requests. Everyone knows that company workers can actually change and bend rules to match your needs. They are just lazy. Or don't have time to deal with your particular probleem. Also it is advised to make these kind of requests and complaints on things that don't really matter to you, but it will show how little things can't be ignored. Especially important is to remember to do this when you have the first problem ever. If everything has ran smoothly for several years and you meet a slight inconvenience, it is safe to expect this to keep repeating unless you make a huge deal out of it and just accuse everyone you can think of. Someone has to be at fault!

However, these all won't grant you the unforgettable status. So here is the last one, most important and probably the one that takes the most courage:

5. Send mail out of boredom. It can be anything, but getting over the fact that you don't really have anything you need might become the problem. Therefore, do not forget that you can be vague. Actually, the more vague you are, the better. It will create a possibility that you will get an answer where someone asks for clarification and - you almost have made a friend! For example you can write to an official mail, asking the lack of variety in products. Why not write to bookstore and say "I wanted to find a book that would be more me, more personal but I couldn't and am very disappointed". Why not write to a clothing store, asking for "more colours and variety". Just let your mind be free and I assure you - you will be talked about for years!

Anyway, no matter how bitchy I sound, I actually wanted to say that all these do make good stories. And of course, if you really can't find anything or are in a hurry or don't know what you have to or should do, asking for help is important and I hope this didn't make it sound like every other people I have to deal with on daily basis is something of a moron. They absolutely aren't. Only every third is (just kidding, again).

Have you ever worked a job that just had same annoying customer situations over and over again? Have you ever sent this kind of mail or called in order to "release some anger"? Let me know so I ćan have proof what a bunch of weirdos we all are!

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