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Day two of trying to write something in a day ahead. This is also a weird one, promise I'll think of something better soon. But for now, enjoy my favourite graffiti in Tallinn and then maybe some more work stories.

Now, I have talked about a memorable client, but I haven't talked about the good client. Who is a good client? Actually, in some cases - not a client. By that I mean the client of the company, but not of some other services, especially if it something that goes with words "claims", "compensation" or "bills". But honestly, having days at work where you don't have anything to do are just boring. And I find it kind of silly that my bordom is caused by... everything running smoothly. Actually both of my recent jobs are very similar and it has been the same. Up to a point where in previous place I handled one certain type of claims in the whole country. Literally. They said it was ridiculous how fast and good I was at it... I wonder how is Estonia doing without me. Right now at the new workplace I deal with international area alongside 3 other people, but actually I have about 2,5k coworkers. And since we have to start every mail with "dear colleagues" it may be into hundreds of thousands...

But now, a good kind of client...

1. Has superpowers. Yes. Mainly - mind control. Why? Well, obviously because a good kind of client is controlling themself in order not to send in a complaint on the first inconvenience or even before that. Also, controlling themselves in order not to yell at the person working on your case. So here - you all could have at least one superpower.

2. Has class. Oh yes. This is so much more uncommon to come across than you'd think. What I mean by class? Well, it would be nice to just start with a simple hello, maybe even go a step further and say... "good day"? Also it is kind of really super amazing if you say your name in the end. And maybe leave contact info in case you are not available at all times... anyway yes. Summon your inner classy lady or gentleman!

3. Has skills. And I'm not talking about any other skill. The one I mean, is the one very hard to aquire, but once you have it, you are pretty much unbeatable - making yourself feel good. Honestly, bear with me, it makes sense. Have you ever been to a birthday party? I think you have. Probably. Hopefully. Know the feeling when there is just the perfect thing that you found when thinking of the dear person who is aging? And you gave it to them, maybe in a box, maybe in a bag, maybe just out and in the open. And you see them smile and be soooo excited for your thing. And it made you feel good, like, job well done good. And later you hear people saying things like "damn why didn't I come up with it" and your friend or relative talking about it and showing off. It did make you feel good about yourself, didn't it? And honestly, if I get just a simple thank you in mail or on the phone... it makes my day. You can be sure I'm telling either my coworker, friend or flatmate that oh, there was this really nice mail. And you can feel good about that as much as making your best friend happy. Aslo, you can rest assured this makes me forget the last unforgettable (read: rude client).

So here you go. 3 top tips to be a good customer (and a good person).

Have you ever been mean to someone working for you on purpose? Did it make you feel better about yourself? Or are you the one to relate and emphatize with others? Do you try to make a worker's day? Are you a good client, or the unforgettable? I have to say sometimes I want to be a rude client, or get annoyed when someone in a store or cafe is being rude but... I have been there. It's not always possible to be smiling.

Now, what's next? Hmm...

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