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So it is the autumn peak time with Halloween and everything... which we Estonians don't celebrate. I mean, I don't really care, but it would be nice to see Halloween things in stores, have Halloween candy and dress up... well, I think it is trying to become a thing, but more in a sense that places in town have Halloween themed parties and people dress up with their friends. But not like... what Halloween seems to mean to kids for example. But also we have some other days we celebrate from going door to door that rest of the world doesn't have. Even so, I really wish there were more feeling to it you know? Especially since everyone talk about Halloween.

I went around in Old Town today actually, to take some other kind of touristy pictures to oppose to the hipster graffiti and right before coming home I saw these adorable 2 decorations, only ones in town, right at neighbour's fence:

See! How cute are those.

Anyways, today was still a really nice autumn weather. At one point last week we even got the first snow, enough to make snowmen even, but now it is back to around 6 degrees and today we even saw some sun. Which is why I also didn't stay inside the whole day.

Also, being constantly in a grumpy (or okay, actually even worse) mood, some fresh air does me good, I have noticed... so without explaining anything more, I give you the autumn-y old town in it's glory.

Looks pretty decent as an old town. Not like the non-existant one we have in Viljandi, which is literally like half a building.

Also super colourful entrance at all times.

It is really starting to get cold though. As soon as I was out of sun, I was about to freeze. The wind was piercing.

Somewhy really love this one.

But also honestly... I think I still somewhat prefer my cool hipster place.

Which kind of tourist you are, what do you love?

Also, to finish my rant about Halloween I started this post with, we did have a Halloween party a few years ago with actually dressing up. So to remind you:

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  1. I did see Halloween decorations in stores though! :) Maxima had super cute mini pumpkins that came with a "how to make halloween pumpkin" template haha! :D

    1. Really? It's my "home-store" but I saw nothing. The only place I noticed that had Halloween stuff was Tiger. :D Maybe it will start finally growing here too though. :)