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12:52:00 PM

I do promise to go back to writing about Oslo, it is too precious to just leave it at that. However, I have picked some of the recent... pictures I find decent to say a word or two about recent times.

For example my best friend got married. This is one of the 2 pictures she got from the photographer (and I think the other one was much more decent, but she hasn't sent me this) and I don't like it but she looks gorgeous and I'm so happy for her. The first wedding where I have been, too.

1. I tried a Lush face mask for the first time (Cupcake). I used to think Lush is overpriced and nothing special until the same friend got me a gift box for my bday and now guess where my money is walking. This was just a tester though, but I am pretty sure I'm gonna get the full container. Absolutely amazing. It made my skin so soft and took down redness. Also it smells like chocolate and slight peppermint I wanna say?

2. There is a flower festival throughout the summer in Tallinn and as last year they have had designers create some gardens. I think this looked rather interesting.

3. I got Gojira and Katatonia vinyls from an amazing friend of mine to start off my (CJ's) vinyl collection. Listened to them with awesome speakers and it was a whole new level. Again, I really recommend to check these out. I was not too sure how I felt about them, since my more metal more rock music phase is over but for example Low Lands is a new favourite I could listen to for forever.

4. When I finally had a day off, this little one felt I needed some cuddles (he was right).

1. Honestly I was just going to work but... Just nothing to say. Please pay attention to I love Oslo postcard I got for myself (so lame), and the little sticker add I took off of some sign post in Grünerlokka because I did wanted a worn paper of Sondre's and David's faces because Serenading in the trenches is a treasure of a song! Please check the video out. Hashtag no regrets.

2. On one weekend mum came to Tallinn and when she left I headed off to discover seaside where I have never been to; ended up walking for about 10 kilometers in a brand new shoes. My heels have not yet recovered.

3. This is quite old but I tried toning my hair blue. Ended up with some grey but I dug it. It is gone now but I might try that again after my Important Interviews* are over.

4. From the same day we went to the seaside. It was first summery and actually warm day.

*HOPEFULLY more about it later.

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