Sunniest town in Norway

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I have to say that up until 2 days before leaving Bergen, the title rainiest town would have sounded a complete lie to me. The time I got to spend with Dilan, we were presented with the most amazing summer weather. I honestly think it was even warmer than it had been all summer in Estonia.

Really summery feel. Blue sky, water, mountains... I may be in love.

Our first day was kind of really chill but kind of really busy. Bergen hosted the World Cycling Championships so the town was crowded. It was actually quite amazing to see how many people and supporters there were - I imagine 17th of May may (haha see what I did there) look like this: everyone had Norwegian flags, patterned clothes or just had coloured their faces.

Our awesome walk to town.

I really wanted to see Bryggen, so we took quite a long detour to make it there as some roads were closed. They did let people cross when it was safe, though. There were so many cameras and radio and TV people and also even helicopters. I feel like literally every single cafe/restaurant/bar had live footage playing on TV. We did stop to cheer several times, it was just kind of addicting. And made sense.

Final race of the day.

Bryggen was awesome. As one of world heritage towns, Bergen does have such a strong culture and some unique and fantastic places. We took pictures and stopped by Gunvorr store (support local!) and just hung out there for a bit.

Maybe even too sunny... You can clearly see my struggle with keeping my eyes open.

Lost count how many times I walked back to Bryggen.

Look at the muscles she has from taking my pictures all day every day.

Our next stop was KODE museums. There are 4 of them (3 open right now) and if you get a ticket to one, you can actually visit all of them. Also, the ticket is valid for 2 days actually, so you don't even need to hurry.

Very much of a classic.

I am a museum/art gallery person. I really like these kind of culture trips and it was really nice. I wish I still had my ability to make puns out of everything but somehow I have lost my touch. I should really re-read the book "The Pun Also Rises" my friend gave me... Anyway.

Dilan really liked the park in the town center so we had several stops there in order just to sit, rest, have a snack and talk. It was sunny and warm (I could not get over it). We even answered to some people's inquiry regarding our trip, which was pretty fun (not the part where they asked us "how much is your estimated spending on food gonna be").

As we finished in the last KODE museum building, we were desperately hungry and could not focus on anything. I had been craving for pizza since the marathon and hadn't had it yet, so we looked up pizza places. We would have liked to have gone to Kafe Spesial but as the town was too crowded and this was on the street where part of the race happened as well, we decided to pick other one for the day.

We went to Mollaren, which was really adorable, too. It did not look anything special, but it was sweet. The server was really nice and accommodating, and they also showed the race on TV. It was the last 40 km or so. There were a lot of Norwegians around, having a couple of beers and cheering for Norwegian racer. Honestly it was so fun to see them actually bang on the tables and yell. Kind of like in American movies they do with football.

Right outside the pizza place, which I honestly recommend!

We had awesome pizza, then got ice cream from the store and headed back to the flat. It was a long (yet amazingly nice) walk and we were still quite tired.

Airbnb host had told us to feel free and use Netflix so we started watching Hotel Transilvania and Lilyhammer, I think it fit perfectly.

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