How I went to Norway and became a delegate for a music festival

7:40:00 AM

Over the next few days/weeks I will try to write down all about my fourth Norway trip. But before that, I briefly wanted to touch on this main thing - I went to Bergen and attended Vill Vill Vest as a delegate.

Basically I was in touch with many different people and finally thanks to Nordik Simit, Turtle Tempo and I would say, I got the chance to go and attend the music festival.

I was given a delegate pass and over the course of a few days I managed to drop by some pretty awesome panels and conferences, gigs and also some other events. On top of this I was in my favourite country and in a city where most of my favourite artists seem to be from.

I am not a good blogger. I am not a good photograp. I am not a good reviewer or promotor. Despite this, I will try and do all of those things.

Also I start with a huge hurrah and motivation but in the end never finish. This time it has to be different as I really want to see results of my meetings and everything I learned.

So anyway, if you happen to see this - welcome. Buckle up, because you will walk with me in Bergen's streets, listen with me some Norwegian music and eat with me in some Norwegian pages. If you want to, that is. And I hope that you do. Because I want to share these things and if for nothing - hey, future me! I'm so glad you are reading this. Take a walk down the momory lane right... now.

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