Wild night

11:32:00 AM

The first night in Norway was wild. For everyone else besides me and Dilan, my companion for this trip.

Had to, of course, on the first morning hurry to my favourite place, also known as Oslo opera house.

I actually had work in the morning before heading to airport and flying to Oslo; in between this I also managed to drop by a store and get a new backpack and get some food. That done I headed home. Thankfully I had packed the night before so I could just open my suitcase and panic while staring at the folded (or more like... rolled) clothes. This had to do.

Printing out tickets last minute and scoffing down a burning hot soup, I chatted a bit with few friends and dashed (or more like... took a tram) to airport. I had some waiting during which I ate unreasonable amounts of chocolate granola bars and had way too much coffee.

Planeride was okay, I took SAS this time and the plane was sooo small. It was evening flight so it was dark outside but honestly I was still kinda glad I had the window seat. Oh, yeah, my suitcase almost did not fit the locker overhead. The measurements are correct, but one of the wheels was just so awkward. I was glad the staff did not make a huge deal out of it and just slammed it close. I was so worried.

Look at us, sharing my 7/11 coffee with the tiger. Classic number 25454.

I arrived around 10 in the evening and took the train to central station, meeting up with Dilan. We got some food and... wanted to buy tickets for next day's Bergen train. NSB ticket machine ate Dilan's 1000 kroner bill and we couldn't get it back, there was no one there as it was late at night. We found a security guard, explained the situation, got handwritten note in Norwegian and really hoped we could solve it the next day. Ugh please Norway I had such trust in you. But also I think it is good that sth terrible happened in the beginning of this trip as we were sure that everything would run smoothly later (oh boy, was I wrong...?).

I really really really love this opera house.

Then we finally headed to Anker hostel; I had booked a shared room for 4 people so there were 2 others, that ended up being actually 3 others, one just sleeping on the floor and several moments of drunken Nowegians throwing up in the bathroom. So not fun. I am sorry, drunk Norwegians, but I had to tell the reception that you violated the room and had an extra person there. But honestly having no sleep by 7 am I was too pissed.

Dilan takes such good pictures I'm sorry for all the instagram spam too.

We did manage to solve the situation with the 1000 kroner thankfully (okay Norway, you have gained my trust again), and chilled around before heading to the train.

We were actually really tired from no sleep.

AND what a train ride it was!! I mean, I did expect it to be amazing, but nothing prepared me for this. Literally 7 hours of staring out of the window with food break and trying to send videos and pics to family and friends. 10/10 would do again.

I constantly kept thinking that this ride cannot get any better but then it did?

I must have asked my friend "did you see this waterfall" at least 554814 times. Sorry about all the math in this post... not sorry actually. Sorry.

I honestly could not believe that there were mountains and even more, SNOW on these mountains. Also it was really quite fun to recognize places mentioned in Nesbo books.

Just loooook.

Our airbnb for Bergen was a bit out of town, in Fyllingsdalen(?) but it was a really nice area and the flat truly a dream flat. If anyone wants to make a friend in the most stylish airbnb I have ever been, I seriously recommend.

We were exhausted and I was so glad having made it to Bergen.

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