Birthday planning

1:48:00 AM

There is still some time left before my birthday, but suddenly I am stuck, not knowing what to do during it.

I will be *whispers* 25. Geez. And that is such an age that I kind of want to invite my friends over to some restaurant and place and have a good time and maybe even go out later, as some of us would like to do. And it has been long time since I was out with several of my friends. So that is what I was thinking for a long time...

Can you see me thinking? Actually I just do not have any newer pics and I miss this place.

The other thing I would also LOVE to do is to take a trip to London, because I have holidat from 7th to 13th of May. My bday is on 13th so it would be like... pre-birthday trip. But I am sooo unsure. I mean... I probably could and want but I also want to have a nice birthday with friends.

And of course the last thing is that... with my silly head I checked plane tickets to Oslo, and they are reaaaallly gooood and reasonable during this week as well.

How does one decide?!

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