I wish I was good at making jokes

6:09:00 AM

Sometimes I really enjoy reading blogs, but there are more and more the ones that are all about fashion and make up. Honestly, I think I would have one too, if I had...

Excuse me, humor, you there?

1. Money for my style
2. Face for the make up
3. Any knowledge about make up or fashion whatsoever.

Instead, you get weird amounts of posts about oatmeal and running. Where are we going to be like this?

Actually this is super super random in general.

I am sick. For the first time in three years time. (Last time was when I passed out doing my laundry, banged my face against the oven, called myself an ambulance and made my best friend hope that she won't find me dead and naked on the floor when she came to check if I was okay. Honestly it does sound kind of funny right now.) I have a slight stomach flu I think, but as I am already feeling hungry it cannot be too bad. Making some oven fries at the moment.

Anyhow... what do you like to read and how do you stay inside all day, without going insane? I'm at the end of my wits...

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