Why I cut my hair off

1:35:00 AM

 Because I wanted to. That's it. Thanks for reading.

Honestly, this is 100% of the reason that I went to my friend's salon called Kiired Käärid (literally "fast scissors") and have her make me look fresh and nice for the spring.

I kind of think I should have done it earlier already, before my work event, but back then I was so sure that I wanted to keep the long hair.

It also probably got to me that everyone felt more bad about me mentiong cutting them, than me myself. But honestly it is kind of ridiculous how in the America's Next Top Model, and other model shows, people cry because of... well, they are cutting their hair. I just don't understand. Don't you want to try new things? If you don't then that is fine, but if you go somewhere like this... well. It is just hair.

Also as I had the undercut for quite some time it really annoyed me that I couldn't put my hair up, as the shorter part did not reach into the ponytail. Now I have it all at the same length. And I do like big change. I did love it, though.

Letting this grow for a little and then possibly going for even shorter!

Pre-work gala event, finally had a chance to wear the dress I got for my best friends' wedding again.

This feels so nice, light and doesn't get stick in scarf or clothes or anywhere else, which is really annoying in winter. And as right now it is almost as cold, this problem is solved.

A good decision indeed.

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