Colourful town of Kaunas

11:41:00 PM

So the third day was spent in Kaunas. This was taken on some super high, new and minimalistic church. It was actually pretty incredible, despite being in the middle of nowhere. But on the bright side, there was a really good view and little people.

Very unique, I would say. We did not have a plan for this day, really. We actually wanted to go to see the mountain of crosses before arriving to Kaunas, but we ended up being too late. I called the hostel and they were like... nope, you cannot check in later, no one is there, so we will charge you and if you are not here by 9 you are gonna... spend the night on the street.

Which really sucked. The instructions for the hostel were unclear; we arrived at the address and there was no entrance or anything so I called the reception again and they were like "oh yeah, we are like 20 minute walk away". So we pretty much had to run from the address they had told us initially to get the keys. It was honestly kind of rude and really super annoying. We ended up getting the key, though, and even made it to the store to get some food as we had been driving for 3 hours in order to make it there by time.

Anyhow, the hostel itself was nice. It had a shared kitchen and bathroom, but it was very homely and kind of hipster I would say. Took a sneaky picture in the morning when most people were back in their rooms:

Also the parking in Kaunas was free from like 8pm to 8am, but you could not get a ticket for parking before 8am??? So in the end I had to get up at 7:50, run to the parking meter, buy the ticket, run back and put it on the window. And as I was exiting the hostel to do this short run, there were already the... whatever you call them, parking ticket checker people waiting in front of our car. They seemed pretty disappointed when I got there exactly on time. But seriously, what even.

We headed out quite early the next morning; at first just walking around. We found a really nice street that definitely had more Southern Europe vibes than Lithuania had generally.

After that we went to the Devils' museum, which is 4 floors and filled with allll possible devil sculptures from old times to modern stuff. It was actually realyl fun. Here is one example too:

And in general I have to say the Kaunas was my favourite. More than Palanga or Vilnius, which I would have expected. But Kaunas had this sweet charm to it.

Isn't this a clever way to keep a really old and about to collapse building still add to the town scene?

It was a long long day there. We started driving to Vilnius around 6 I suppose. Ah, before that we actually ended up going to some villa as well, because it was much recommended and it was really worth it:

Just walked around a little there before last stretch and last town (which ended up not being the last one, as we still wanted to see the mountain of crosses later and slept one night in the car after Vilnius. What a trip.) 

Tomorrow I will run Tallinn marathon. The full 42 km. So this is why I am posting this. Distractions.

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