Day two of sun and sweets

7:46:00 AM

For our second day in Lithuania, we planned to stay in Palanga until the evening. It was actually cold outside and the sea was also unbearable, but I still even got dressed in swimwear and walked around in the beach. There was coast guard as well and people were not allowed to swim. Despite this, the view, air and everything else was amazing.

Another angle on the same picture as my mum said she wanted to capture how small I was next to this huge body of water.

As we were walking away from the beach (getting slightly sunburnt), we found a small mansion with a really gorgeous garden. It is also actually a amber museum, but was unfortunately closed. Sister captured me and mum right before we had some sort of laughing attack.

We could have walked around there for hours but we were getting hungry and wanted to try to bubble waffles. Mum had been to Palanga earlier, a few years ago, but then they had different sort of popular waffle desert. This time they had this and we had to try.

I really liked it. It looked amazing and it tasted so as well. The bubble waffle was crunchy but also kind of pancake-y. You could also pick ice cream flavour - I took mint chocolate chip. The only downside - I said we wanted fruits and berries on top, but we got a lot of gummies and other candy - it made it waaaaay too sweet to my liking. I'm really into all fruits at the moment. And cakes. Cake is always go.

As a souvenir I got these absolutely (in my mind) amazing sunglasses. Agree or disagree - I love them. My true companions.

Our next stop was Klaipeda, just about 30 kms from Palanga. We wanted to go to delphinarium, but it was closed. Still we took a little walk around town, saw some nice stuff, and then headed onwards to Kaunas.

This somehow reminded me of - yep - Harry Potter chessboard.

And heck, a place where I am going to live in the future has to had sea or at least some water near it.

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