Lithuania, sea and sunsets

11:57:00 AM

Me, my mum and my sister took a trip by car to Lithuania. I had only driven through it one time, but we were planning to go to several places this time.

Our trip started from Tallinn; we took a train to my hometown and got ready, then we were off. First location was Palanga - a super popular touristy place, literally 24/7 activities by the sea. Mostly Estonians. I swear you could hear so much Estonian it could have easily been some town here.

Except that they had the sea, some weird adorable charm and the sea.

Really no idea... we stayed at someone's flat. The garden was adorable but also kind of gave me some weird Supernatural series vibes. Anyone else?

We arrived around... 7 I want to say? Considering we started driving at 11 in the morning, it was a looong way. And we took the train at like... 7 am or so. 12 hours.

The main area was just 5 minutes of walking away.

We had some food and walked around, it was really relaxing and amazingly beautiful.

Had some food here. Also I was surprised that the only vegetarian option was pretty great. Anyway I was much happier with my dish than my sister and mum who got some snitchel and fries. (I had risotto with veggies.) And also! The alcohol! We had some wine and 1. it was cheap as heck, 2. it was pretty damn tasty.

Never actually seen the proper sea if you know what I mean.

Also fun fact - even thought a touristy spot, the prices were high in Lithuanian standards, making it usual for us. The people who say we should always travel to south during our vacations are right. (I type as I think of my upcoming trip to Norway in exactly 22 days...)

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I do. I love reliving places, people and emotions through something like this.

Would go back immediately.

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