Missing summer picture dump

2:45:00 AM

It seems like the time I spent in Lithuania was the only summer we got this year. According to the calendar, autumn starts on 23rd of September, but to be honest it has arrived already like a month ago.

Anyway, the last full day in Lithuania we spent in Vilnius. We even stayed at the hotel there. I usually go for hostels/airbnb as travelling for me is spening a lot of time outside so the accommodation is not that important. But it was a nice change.

We arrived quite late and the hotel was on the edge of town. I found a cheap but amazing, adorable and very good quality restaurant. The area was really soviet, but it was a true gem.

The hotel was very classy and clean, named Urbihop and right next to some fitness center. You could even rent sports stuff etc. Really enjoyable. Also we even had the breakfast there. I grew to love their potato pancakes. Eating vegetarian was really easy there, btw.

The breakfast place. Of course we heard some Estonian as well. Anyway, would stay again.

We left quite early the next day and headed to see Trakai lake castle. It was really nice. There were tons of tourists, which was not really annoying, but it tired us more than usually. I really like exploring and discovering things by myself/with friends and family.

I do recommend paying the 5 euros to take a small tour aound the lake on a boat. It was about 45 minutes to an hour, the weather was really nice and it was good destressing moment to get away from the people.

You could only take pictures in the castle for extra fee so we skipped, because honestly it looked better from the outside (the red castle pictured above) and there were too many people anyway.

Vilnius old town was definitely nice, but not as nice as Kaunas, I have to say. It did not have the charming feel, it felt a bit... I don't know, just strange. Not as welcoming? 

Of course we had to check the Gediminas tower. The main walkway there was closed, but we made it. However we didn't climb to the top, being too exhausted by that time. Also it cost unneccessarily much. The view was good. I lvoe high places.

This picture, or also known "what view I am the view".

Feeling pretty tired from the travelling, we still had one more place that required sleeping in the car and then dashing back home. But this has been too much already. 

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