Hip hop is dangerous

1:22:00 AM

So the day three rolled around. 

The most beautiful days. Breathtaking. Never enough of the nature. I want to have another trip so bad and only for hiking. I loved it,

We decided to go to the aquarium, because I have only once been to that kind of place, in Kiel, but no more. Also my friend got me as soon as she mentioned penguins, I was sold. In addition to this, there were also sea lions and we saw their show...

Again we decided to walk to town, and on the way found this legendary spot as well.

If you know anything about Bergen hip hop scene you know this place.

Apparently even with google maps it is more than possible to get lost, but who would mind that, if the weather is absolutelt gorgeous and the views breathtaking.

I think it was great time to see the aquarium, as there were not too many people around. It was Monday, if I remember correctly. (Also a tip - aquarium entrance fee is less on weekdays and more on weekends).

I had also never seen any penguins. They are adorable.

Bryggen from across the water. One thing I am really impressed with is that some of the houses were under construction. And instead of covering them with some pastic and whatever staging they use for aid, it was covered in some material that had the house printed on it so it would not ruin the view?! HOW AMAZING IS THIS. And it was not only at Bryggen, it was also the case with other tourist places that were currently being renovated??? Norway, heck yes, you have gotten this so right! THANK YOU.

Hello from the other side.

After that we walked around some more and finally headed to town center because we were doing the smart think of deciding to have some lunch instead of running on too little energy and getting grumpy. There was a fish market nect to Bryggen and we got some fantastic salmon burgers. I do not eat meat but I do sometimes like fish, that's also why I don't usually say I am vegetarian; only when someone starts ranting about meat. I eat what I eat and I don't want to label this stuff. I normally just say I don't eat meat at the moment because of health reasons,

After that it was given that we should hike up Fløyen, I had been wanting to go there forever. We dropped by the tourist center to get the map and check/ask the best way to do this and off we were.

It had not been that warm in the morning but by the time we were half way up I was really dying. Probably the 7/11 coffee I had gotten did not help as well. It was honestly quite fun though, climing up. Well, climbing part comes on my second to last day, this was just walking up the mountain.

Half-way-up enjoying the sun, Who wouldn't want to live in one of those white houses there???

Nevertheless, it was the highest place I had been to that point, or walked to. As Estonia is such a flat country, all the hills and ups and downs took a toll on my body (but helped me to grow my stamina sooo much I still feel, after a month of being back, that I am fitter than ever before).

Told someone I am meeting my ancestors.

Also - remark to Dilan: I finally looked it up, Fløyen is 340 meters high. A huge difference between this and Estonia's highest "mountain".

We were just sitting there, me having my ultimate favourite baked good and Dilan a cinnamon roll. Hung out with some trolls, took pics, saw some goats, helped other tourists to take pictures and that's about it. I fell in love with this place so much that there were actually 2 more times I went up.

My emotions can be described as !!!!!!!!!!!!! and !!!!!!!!??!??!?!!!1.

Here you see the Estonia's highest mountain. Not the land covered with the trees. Oh no. The tower. Man-built tower.


After that we were pretty tired and decided tooo drop by Kafe Spesial our airbnb host recommended us for pizza. We were still quite full from the lunch so we just had a beer. I went wild and decided to try Norwegian extra dark one - it was absolutely delicious. Still surprised about myself.

We took the electric train down from the mountain because it was a must. A beautiful view. And also, they removed the floral decorations the next day, so please enjoy my good photo.

The hike really wore us out and soon enough we headed back home, having walked literally 29 kilometers by the time we got there (this was a lot. But all of my days after that were probably around 40 so... a marathon a day keeps... something... away).

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory and some more Lilyhammer. It was a good day. 10/10 would repeat 10 x 10 times again.

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