I ate only porridge for breakfast - for an entire year

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Okay, maybe not literally entire year but for sure 95% of the past year's breakfasts can be labelled as porridge. (I will be using the word "porridge" here so much that it won't even sound like a real word in the end. Porridge. Porridge. Porridge.)

Firstly - what is considered porridge here in Estonia (mostly) and what I mean by it personally?

Sweet porridge. Either oatmeal (the most popular one), mixed seeds porridge (different kind of grains, I like 8 or 7 different types, but there are ones that mix 5 different or 4 different etc; Veski Mati and Tartu Mill are definitely my favourite brand and I love that... it will sound so lame... that I got a box of it after finishing a marathon. Here. I said it.), rice porridge. I am not a fan of sweet buckwheat as here I have always had buckwheat with salty stuff. Maybe I will get into that in the future though.

Obviously on most of the days I don't set it up so nicely but just mix everything together while it is still on the stove. But here is my fav combo: 4 types of mixed grains, half of a banana mashed in there, peanutbutter mixed in there and topped with rest of the banana, coconut shreds, almonds and cashews, dried crandberries and rainsins and dark chocolate pieces. Pair with: coffee.

Take aways from this experience:

  • You have to find what kind of porridge fits for your tastebuds, also what kind of texture you prefer.
  • There are bad porridges.
  • There are countless options for making it so it is impossible to get tired of it.
  • It can - and will - be filling if you have enough and add good things to it.
  • It is rather cheap.
  • I feel healthier and my hunger levels don't change as fast.
  • I am not tired of it after the whole year.
  • It is definitely my favourite breakfast and probably will still be for a really long time.

Another day, another combo: rice flakes with half of a banana and handful of blackberries (yes, blackberries. Not blueberries.), topped with rest of the banana and coconut shreds. Pair with: coffee.

It has been a journey. When I was a kid, my mum would make porridge with just oatmeal, milk, sugar and a lot of jam. Usually fresh strawberry jam we would make during summer and freeze. And I always considered it just as an addition to normal breakfast, I would for sure have a sandwitch or fried egg or something in addition. I always felt super hungry after having just porridge, and super soon. Now I know it was probably the amount of just plain sugar and not really any nutritional stuff in the meal.

That is still how I started.

Another really good one: rice flakes and half of a banana, topped with rest of the banana, some raisins and a handful of frozen blackberries + some cinnamon. Pair with, as always: coffee.

At one point I switched regular milk to soymilk and at the moment I only use water. WATER? Soggy and meh you say? Well.

At first my porridge was kinda blergh indeed. (I am such a good writer I amaze myself...) I tried not to use sugar and used honey, but after quitting sweetners in my tea and coffee I did not want to use any of that in the porridge as well. I started adding more jam, but this was not too good as well, as most of it still is made with sugar.

During summertime - porridge with banana, topped with frozen mango, coconut and fresh strawberries. You can see what it is paired with.

At one point I decided to use a banana. I had several overly ripe ones at home and I had already made banana-oat pancakes - why not use it in porridge then? It was mindblowing, honestly. This is also when I realised it gives enough creamy texture so that you really don't need milk. Just water is fine - make sure you cook your oats enough.

I promise there is some porridge under it. I just really needed to finish the strawberries...

Also thanks to a friend I started using different topings - not just fruits or jam. At the moment I think for the past... 4 months for sure I have had different porridge but the toppings are always the same: fruit and nut mix, shredded coconut, peanut butter! And one whole banana. And half a cup of dry oats. I just mix it all together and enjoy the warm and filling and sweet and amazing thing. Every morning. Even during the weekends when I could actually have something else. If I do (here is the 5 percent) I feel that something is wrong and I get hungry much sooner. The 5% I have had other kind of foods has been when I have been travelling or have visited a friend, parents etc. Even then I mostly try to stick to my regular breakfast.

Porridge with banana and peanutbutter, topped with fruit and nut mix, frest blackberries and coconut shreds.

Another thing in my recent porridge-discovery is rice porridge. Something my family hated and I never tried during my childhood. My favourite way to have this is definitely cooking rice flakes with mashed banana (optional here, but I do love my bananas!), some raisins and CINNAMON. I do have some frozen blackberries as well that I sometimes add as a topping and to create this nice a little sour and fresh taste.

Also I love different textures together.

What is your favourite breakfast? Would you be able to stick with if the whole year?

For me - I am going to continue for sure and I am thinking of taking a picture of my breakfast every morning from the 1st of November 2017.

Oats with banana, topped with frozen mango, coconut and peanut butter.

Happy porridge!

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  1. Su pudrud näevad nii ilusad välja! Ma peaks ka selliseid asju rohkem tegema! :( Mul pudrupakk juba kuu aega kapis seisnud vist. :D

    1. Mul läks ka ikka tükk aega enne kui kätte võtsin ja tegin, nüüd ei saa jätta tegemata. :D Proovi kindlasti!