Perfect day

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I have a feeling that all of the internet is full of videos and posts about "my morning routine", "my perfect day", "how to be THAT girl" etc. Usually they start with waking up at 5-6-7, then I worked out, then I had breakfast, meditated, did my make up, worked, took a bath, journaled, wrote down stuff I am grateful for, did my skin care routine and went back to bed.

I wondered what would my perfect day be like and I think my Saturday was quite like it.

Actually I also wanted to mention that the day is not bad, if something doesn't go well in the morning. Like Friday for me was awful. I was so tired and annoyed and work was also super tough. I thought that I really didn't want to do anything or go anywhere, but I had already promised to my sister and her friend that I will go to Maritime Days with them, so this is where I headed after work. I didn't know where exactly we were supposed to meet, so it took me quite a while to find them.

Then I thought that there is another catastrophe - the only thing I get to eat is fries with salad, if that. I quite like fries to be honest, but I also wanted something else and something more exciting. We looked around for food and found a place named Kausik, where I took salmon bowl with rice and other kind of good stuff. And it was really tasty! Even though I felt really guilty after having it. I ate dinner earlier than normally; I wanted my OWN food; there was A LOT of sauce (which was amazing, of course); I wanted to snack on something later, because I knew I would get hungry; I ate too fast etc etc. It kept going around around in my head, I just would have liked to blow my head off.

On some days, things are really simple. Like the last few times I have eaten out. At Chakra, Jahu and Ancho etc. I haven't felt like I shouldn't and I haven't had much guilt, but now this bowl of healthy food tjust upset me?! I just don't understand my brain.

Then we had mojitos, I took the one with kiwi! It was also very good. Then around 8, a band from Italy performed Queen's songs, which was awesome. 1,5 hours passed super fast and by the time we headed home, my mood had gone from 1 to 8. It was fun. You gotta live. Even though there were still some ED thoughts it my head, which is why I can't say my mood was 10.

Saturday for me started quite late, I got out of bed at 10. Then I made some breakfast and a huge mug of coffee with chocolate milk and sat in front of my computer/laptop to enjoy my evening. No waking up at 7, no meditating or journaling, but it was exactly what I needed.

Around 12 I went to the gym. I really wasn't in the mood to go. Even when I was at the dressing room, I thought that I didn't want to go and wanted to go back home. But then I found some motivation and started doing my normal stuff and I worked out for 1,5 hours? I think something like this. And I felt really good and motivated and had a lot of energy (probably because I had eaten properly the previous day and also snacked on something at home still!).

After this I went to my sister's place, because she literally lives 2 minutes away and she had some things to give to me. So I got checked out another thing for my perfect day - meeting a friend or a relative.

I went back home, took a shower and had some lunch. I wondered what to do with the rest of my day, and decided to go to some stores. Besides it was super hot in the flat and even in the news they suggested people to go to stores, haha. :D So that's what I did. When I walked to the shopping center, I literally talked to my mum for an hour. She was at the beach and said she was boted anyway, so we took this chance to catch up. I would have liked to be with her at the seaside, she even stayed the night in a tent. I don't remember the last time I did that. Anyway, we have this habit of calling each other on Saturdays and talk about everything. It is really nice ritual, but sometimes we don't really have anything to talk about too. :D So this is why we talked about what and how much Motu eats, for example. XD 

Anyway, I went to some stores, but didn't find anything too good. I got new pair of running shoes though, so that is at least something. Then I got some food bits and headed back home. Being motivated from my day, and kind of wanting to live on the trend of a perfect day, I read a book. Then I cooked, watched TV, ate a lot of snacks and enjoyed my evening. I went to bed quite rearly, because... I don't even know. I didn't really have anything to do, I was sleepy as well. Usually when I go to work by bus, I often fall asleep for a few seconds, so I guess I needed some rest. :D 

It was simple and nice day, perfect for me. It was unusual in a sense that I went to the gym in the morning. Or okay, during lunch. But usually I go after 5pm, this on the weekends as well. But it was really pleasant, there weren't many people present and I didn't have to wait to use the equipment. At home the shower was also much needed, because it was so frigging hot on that day. :D

Anyway, things that I have seen in perfect day videos or posts:

  • waking up early
  • workouts
  • breakfast
  • meditation
  • journaling
  • doing make up
  • time with friends
  • having lunch in a cafe
  • watching a movie/reading/other hobbies
  • dinner
  • skin care routine
  • bath
  • watching a TV show
  • going to sleep

And what belongs into my perfect day:

  • sleeping in for a change
  • breakfast
  • workouts
  • shower
  • lunch
  • time with friends (I really miss my best friend, I haven't seen her in a while)
  • walking/shopping/reading/other hobbies
  • dinner
  • going to bed early

Nothing too exciting. Just a regular day. And thinking about this I think that... every day can be perfect. I don't have to follow all of the things written down here, but if I manage at least some, it will bring me closer to a nice day.

Oeh, I have a feeling that this post is really pointless. I don't know, when I thought about writing this, I was like oh, it is such a good idea, but now... I don't even know. Anyway, in general I want to say that no one's life is perfect and I don't think people do these things every day. Of course I picked a day off as well, otherways I would have put work in there as well. Only people who are full time influencers have time to do those things. :D I know that what people show in blogs/vlogs/instagram etc is just a small part of life, but sometimes it still makes me feel bad. Like why don't I work harder and why am I so pointless? :D But yeah, I don't think people's days are like this all the time, it doesn't matter what they try to show. :D 

Actually it would be cool to follow someone famous' morning routine or something, but all the videos I have watched... everyone start their morning at like 3 am and thank you, but no. :D I like getting up early, but this is not reasonable. Even these 5 am morning routines sound so fake. :D

What would you have in your perfect day?

Now when I am thinking about it, I would add some more things in. Like I have a dream of eating out 3 times a day. Sit in a cafe in the morning, have a coffee and cinnamon roll, then for lunch have a vegan daily offer and then in the evening going to a restaurant with someone. This would be perfect, but expensive. When I feel better money-wise, I shall do this challenge, though.

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