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For a long time, I have been wanting to start a post by saying I have some news! And finally I can do this. I got into the university. Master's of law. I really didn't expect this, because I thought I failed the test and the interview was also super short, it was difficult to imagine a good outcome. But ha, I go in! The results weren't supposed to come out for a few days, but I checked and they were there. It was such a nice surprise. :D So starting from the fall, I will be a student again and I can use student discounts and all this, so much fun. Also it is the time where I really need to buy a new computer, but this will be super difficult, I know nothing about technology. (I have a computer by now, this post is just very late, sorry guys~!)

On Tuesday I got my second dose of vaccine and after this I went to the Pikakari beach with a friend, we swam a little and then went to eat in a Mexican place called Ancho . It was nice and all, but I got too full. And I took enchiladas with beans, at first they brought me a version with meat. It was not very nice. And I only discovered it after I took a few bites already. Of course they apologized a lot and they gave me a drink for free, but still... it was quite awful. :D I don't think I ate meat, though, because I tried other things on the plate first and my friend asked what was inside the enchiladas and then we discovered it. Food in general was kind of average, nothing too special. We also got jalapenos with cheese, but they were probably from a can and had this marinated tasted. Anyway - I wouldn't go again, but it was still nice to try it. Also, if I hadn't tested it, I wouldn't know if I would like that. I didn't let these wasting calories thoughts to come.

At the beach we also had ice cream, it was so nice. We just sat on a towel and enjoyed some breeze and the sun, ate this and talked. Anyway, it was a really pleasant Tuesday. :D

On Wednesday morning when I woke up, I felt like I had been run over by a train. Probably by the vaccine. Or like I had a really bad hangover. Firstly, I was so tired that my alarm had been going for 20 minutes before I opened my eyes. I had a dream my coworker called me and I didn't want to answer, so I didn't understand this was actually my alarm. :D Even though my alarm and ringtone aren't even the same.

And my whole body hurt in general. I felt really weak. I actually wanted to go to them gym as well, but I just knew I had to give myself some rest and this is what I did, even though I did feel a bit guilty. Free evening and I am doing nothing? I haven't been to the gym in a while? All this regular self-talk. As my weight has yet again gone up by 2 kgs, it is especially difficult to deal with it. This also didn't help me when someone I knew started randomly telling me a story about their weight loss. I have also told them several times that this irritates me and I don't want to talk about these topics etc. I know this my my own error and I should be over it already, but it still makes me feel awful and I feel like you don't care abou me if you don't respect this? I have not commented on it much, but I just... don't want to deal with these kind of people. :)

But for the challenge, I wanted to eat packaged foods only. I know food that you have cooked is much better for you, but I thought I would try this, because it can't be that bad.

I set out the menu a while ago already, because I have been planning this for a long time already. But there has been so many events and stuff where I have eaten out. It would be weird to take a prepackaged salad out in a restaurant or at someone's place, instead of having what a friend has made or ordering something from a menu.

But anyway, I finally tackled this challenge.


I know, I know, it is nothing special. At first I wanted to take rice porridge, but I ended up with semolina one and I just was so pleased. I make semolina porridge very rarely, so this was a good change. :D

I served it with 150 grams of frozen blueberries and some Biscoff, because this combo is heavenly. I was a bit doubtful of the Biscoff at first, but it was super good together. :D It was sweet enough and just nice. I heated it up in the microwave, because no one eats cold porridghe (though I probably would, I just love porridge, to be honest). :D Anyway, it was beautiful and a little bit different start to the morning. Even when I was in bed, I thought that oh man, I am too lazy to make my oatmeal, but then I remembered today was the challenge day and it was fine.

I of course also had a coffee, but I didn't buy a premade one. :D Actually I wasn't even hungry in the morning, because I had some potato salad last night where I added literally half a kilo of potatoes, and then I also downed some watermelon. I felt like I was going to explode, but it was all so tasty I couldn't hold myself back. In the evenings I have a bottomless pit instead of a stomach, I don't understand. In the morning and during lunch I am fine with less food, but in the evenings I could just eat and eat. It really annoys me that I don't even know what a normal portion of food is, and also the fact that I am never full. I have thought about making more calorie tense less volume foods, but I just want to eat for a long period of time.

Anyway yes, I already have an idea for my lunch, I hope it is available in the store. Yesterday I saw it, but I didn't buy it in advance. If there aren't any left, I just need to figure out something else, so I am hoping for the best. :D

And also I wanted to get several desserts as the evening snacks and enjoy them throughout the day, but I think I will be having all of them in the evening. Because of me and my appetite. I still need to get a few things from the store, I hope they haven't run out of the items. I didn't want to go to the store yesterday as I felt really weird from the vaccine. But today after work and before gym I can go and get some stuff.


For lunch I had this prepackaged tofu-glass noodle dish, which was pretty good. It could have done with more sauce and salt, but it was fine. Also it was completely vegan! In addition to this, it was maybe a little small, but worked out fine. This is really different from my regular routine, so it caused some stress, but oh well, I managed and I am still alive.

The price was quite high, almost three euros. So I wouldn't get it again, but it was worth to try. I think I should make something similar to take to work with me, I would save some money and also I have nothing against eating same food for lunches. Still at bit weird with dinners.

Today after work I would like to go to the gym as well, I let myself rest yesterday. But we shall see how this goes. I don't want to make it into an obligation, if I don't feel like it or if I don't have the time, that is fine. :D But I can't go tomorrow, because we are going to Maritime Days with my sister and her friend. I think it will be fun though, last time it was. I probably will only go on Friday, though it lasts throughout the weekend. :D


For dinner, I don't know, why, but I felt like shrimps. And then I took some prepackaged bowl with them. Again, the price was really high and not worth it, but at least it did taste good. I added some salt and the dressing it came with, and it went down a treat. But I ate really fast, because I was super hungry by that time, so I can't really talk about enjoying it much. Also it had too much corn, which was super sweet. I generally like corn, but not that amount. But all in all it was pretty good. :D

In general, prepackaged food is not bad. I think in Estonian stores, you can make some really healthy picks, can't say anything bad about it. Of course there are unhealthy things, but mostly these are with meat, which I don't eat. I am still traumatized from going to this Mexican place, haha. :D But it happens, no worries.


For dessert I actually had two things. I finally tried this farmer's vanilla pudding, which was fine. Not my favourite and I would probably not get it again, but it was quite nice still. I had it with strawberries, my friend mentioned that she had that kind of combo and it was good. Yes, it was indeed.

Then for the second thing I finally got my hands on this chocolate-coconut curd cream. It was quite nice, but could have been more chocolate-y and coconut-ey, but oh well. :D I think I prefer my style of curd cream dessert bowls with frozen fruit and berries and some granola or cereal. But I am glad I finally found this in the store and got to try it.

This day didn't leave me hungry at all, quite the opposite. I would gladly have all of these things again, but it is quite a waste of money, because you can make the same things so much cheaper. At least the salads and bowls and porridge. The dessert was most worth it, I would say.

It was good, because I didn't really have to make anything myself or think about what to make. It always takes me a long time to make up my mind in the store, I could walk around for an hour, I am not kidding. Also, I did go to the gym yesterday and it was good I didn't have to spend time on making food after that.

So now it is Friday and I am going to the Maritime Days with my sister and her friend. I didn't really find any info on who offers what food there, but I hope I will find something.

Lately I am so freaking sleepy all the time. It is normal for me to nod off when I am on the bus to work. Luckily I haven't missed my stop, yet. Anyway, I can't wait to go to sleep. Today I feel like my coffee needs coffee. :D

Which was surprising though, is that the small store near my work has quite a good selection of food, if you need something premade. I usually make a salad from the buffee or I pick a vegan wrap though, so it was nice to try something different for a change. My weight, well, is higher, but this is not the result of this one day of eating packaged foods. Also on Friday morning I had my normal porridge, for lunch I am going to have another wrap again and for dinner I will eat at the Maritime Days. It is nice maybe, that my weight is higher, so I can challenge not going back to my old routine and don't want to leave early to get home and have something I make. I can manage this.

My head is completely empty from challenges now, I have NO IDEA what I will write about on Monday. Also, today and next week to go and then I have a VACATION. It will only be two weeks, but hey, it is still something.

We plan to go to Taevaskoda and also to the Peipsi lake - with this, I also wanted to ask, are there any vegan/vegetarian places? I didn't really find any myself, but oh well. Worst case scenario is that I need to pop by a normal supermarket.

But now I have to start working in order for the weekend to arrive and then I can finally enjoy life!

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