Falling Tallinn

11:17:00 AM

Okay, so. Since I decided I can't figure out anything proper to write about, I will share some nice autumn pictures since today was really a perfect weather for walking around. And maybe just some chit chat since I am feeling tiny and slightly lonely today.

I love being alone though. A lot. But I don't like feeling lonely. Honestly, after starting to work in the office and having only weekends off, I feel lonely almost every day. I don't really talk to my coworkers, as stated in one of previous posts, their awkwardness level is just as high, I spend most of my 9 hours at work in complete silence unless I need to ask something. Every time I finish work and exit the building, sounds just hit me like a brick wall. Hehe, a brick wall:

Then I usually go to a store and come home. I live so far from my workplace I have to leave the house at 7 and get up at 6 since I cannot live without breakfast. It gives me nice time to myself (watch youtube) and eat (while watching youtube) and sometimes doing make up (while still watching youtube, I am surprised I haven't actually missed my tram).

Also I like walking in the morning, since it is relaxing and wakes me up. Even the long tram ride to work is not awful, since I have started reading in Estonian for a change and actually using a library (I'm obsessed with Jo Nesbo). Plus the sun is usually rising.

Theeeen on my weekends I don't want to spend time inside or stay in bed all day. I don't know, it is weird. I am so tired I could sleep for years or just not move, but... Since I pretty much stare at the computer screen for 40 hours in a week, I just don't feel like using internet or staying inside. Sadly weather is becoming so bad and running is becoming rarer (should I make a post of how I started running?). I will have to look into gym memberships, but moneyyyy. So anyway, then I usually go around in town, since at least some of my favourite areas will have a small festival. Here are some of my fav picks taken this weekend for example:

Also I have actually recorded some video footage of some weekends, so if you would like to see Tallinn in a video, like I have made my Oslo ones, then let me know.

And to finish up, I really hope next week will be nice for me and everyone else and I get to enjoy the proper autumn a bit longer.

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