A good list

8:58:00 PM

I have missed a day (or two now) but all is well. I mean, it wasn't like I had to write every day. Actually, this feels more and more stupid. I have been thinking of several topics to write about though, so I'm going to mark these down for a change...

1. Youtubers. Yeah, I could recommend some. Also I could use some recommendations, since spending so much time online every day (as mentioned earlier), I don't really want to do anything and prefer watching videos. Sometimes on the background when I am doing something else. Like the other day I actually cleaned my closet while listening to someone's vlog since I'm much into lifestyle youtubers instead of like... I don't know, funny crap that I used to like 5-6 years ago (*cough*nigahiga*cough*).

2. More picture posts. But then I should take more pictures and I don't know of what. But the autumn is beautiful indeed. Even though we are having The First Autumn Storm this week.

3. More work stories. I have some but I don't know if it is good idea to rant about work even during my free time (I'm going to ignore the fact I am typing this at 2:24 pm on Tuesday, at WORK).

4. Apparently I seem to love lists. Maybe I should just make lists until the end of time?

5. Running. I could write how I started since I'm very unprofessional and poor and I could just write about my experience.

6. Music, since I could always write about music.

7. Norway, since I could always write about Norway.

8. Future, since it depresses me a lot and if nothing else, online is a place where you can whine (since everyone whine just as much as you and no one really cares).

9. About the most stupid news I can find during my boring times at work. Honestly, who even writes them?

10. Anything else, for example my actual day in life.

11. Reviews. I love a good review.

You can ignore OR leave me suggestions tho.

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