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I don't normally go to my hometown too often, maybe once a month or so, but now that I did, I decided to go walk around a little and take some pictures. It is weird how the once so big place had become so tiny and adorable. Also since I don't live in the town, it was never like a hometown for me...? Difficult to explain, actually. But, ramdling further, here are some nice autumn pictures I took and maybe some words on the places.

First of all, look at how cool my school was... Really really miss it. Even the classes. It was good times.

This is the art school building, also really cool. Honestly, Viljandi looks so adorable.

Then this is actually the so-called school yard view but we weren't really allowed outside during breaks since no one was willing to change their inside shoes and they didn't want us to bring dirt inside. But still, who wouldn't kill for this view from their scool backyard? Also during art classes (since I was the... art direction?) we always were outside and drew this.

From there I walked down to the lake-side... This street is actually called "high mountain" and it was honestly the most killing road to walk, always leaving everyone out of breath. And now... it just... it wasn't even long?

Then the lake has a small spring next to it where you can actually take drinking water from but since it was like about 0 degrees I was too cold to even try (though we used to all the time and people still do).

After reaching this I was literally so cold I ran up the "stair mountain" and headed to a cafe for a cup of coffee and some book reading time. Everything was closed until 11 or 12 on Saturday but luckily one and only true Viljandi cafe saved the day.

After warming up a little I went to old castle ruins... and the bridge is the highlight of course.

Again, when me and my parents went there when I was little, it felt like it took half a day to walk through, but I was done in about 20 minutes or so?

Still just as pretty though. Even prettier in autumn than in summer, actually.

And then I just walked around a little to see some more of my old small hometown.

Made a friend!

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