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Damn, sky looks amazing 24/7. Truly something to reach for.

The news are actually actual news. I kind of stuck to the idea of trying to see how ridiculous articles publised can be, but I actually found some pretty cool ones too. So I'm quickly recommending some simple read that actually is pretty cool varia knowledge to add into conversations (especially if you are as awkward as I am...)

1. The most stupid article of the day was definitely about the new trend in taking selfies. I don't understand. Also, this was one that was in Estonian news, while the other ones here had (at least looking briefly) no mention in here. And this is so sad. Anyway, do you think these things are even considered news? What should we do to stop this? Honestly, I think this takes up so much time and space of one's day that if we could eliminate this kind of random ridiculous "news", that would be great. But anyway, if you want to check it out then...

This picture reminds me of the shrug emoji a lot. Anyway, continue.

Ever heard of fingermouthing? A bizarre new trend loved by Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid is sweeping the internet. Read in full length: (I'm gonna keep the links this way since then it is sure it doesn't lead you to some shady computer virus pages alrighty?)

2. The coolest article of the day was definitely about... DRAGONS! There needs to be more dragons in this world and it seems that even online news pages support it, which again, I support. Honestly, this article has everything from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter, dinosaurus and actual proof and explanation of could they really exist in scientific level, as far as to even actual fire breathing.

"Most peoples at some point in their history have believed that the dragon was real," writes anthropologist David E. Jones in the introduction to his book An Instinct for Dragons. In its pages, Jones asks why myths about dragons are so ubiquitous, citing examples from places as diverse as Hawai'i, Iceland and New Zealand. Read in full length:

3. The most interesting article of the day was definitely about planting memories. It covers both planting good and bad ones and possibilites, also some tests that have been made. I think it had a lot of good points and it was interesting to read, also it made me more aware. Do you have any memories you don't know if they really happened? Do you think you could be changed like this? Also, after reading these kind of things I think that it is still possible to happen, so I should probably make myself remember the article when having doubts. It is a fascinating subject and I'd love to hear more ideas by just people and friends and also... maybe I should even research more articles connected to this one. But also, I think one can become too paranoid by thinking too much about it... I don't know now.

Take a moment to remember an event that you experienced as a child. Pick something that’s important to you – an event that really shaped for the better the person you are today. Now ask yourself: are you sure this event truly happened? Read in full length:

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