Tourist at home

11:16:00 AM

Okay so this time I will write about being being tourist in Tallinn. I have shared a fair share of autumn pictures, but I was talking to friends today, who have visited me, and I keep thinking that there are so many different ways of showing your home (town or country) to someone who hasn't been there.

Also, I think it is wise to mention that I love showing people around, because honestly, it gives me an excuse to do so many touristy things that I wouldn't otherways do. And that made me think... of where to start.

I love plaaaneeees. Just. Plane part of travelling is one of my favourite parts.

I think there are two sides to each place I have been to. One is the normal tourist way of seeing places like old town, some art galleries etc. And the other is seeing places like quiet streets on the rural side or small cafes. And I do love those both. And I think that it needs to have some sort of balance between them. I'm up to really just all day of museums but at the same time I wouldn't mind just walking around on random streets. I'm such a walking person in general. For me, the greatest way to explore a new place is go out in the morning and walk around, see places, and return in the evening. I'm so not the "let's go home and rest a bit during the day" person.

Anyway, I used to think of only the one way, when I was younger. I haven't travelled much, actually barely at all, so I'm trying to write down some thoughts on travelling in your own country, or in this case, town. I would like to mention, that all towns in Estonia are too small to be called cities, yes, that includes Tallinn.

Two sides, both cool, both symmetrical, both different.

I have discovered that people these days seem to appreciate something temporary a lot. Maybe because it is just like life or moments or days you are exploring, but also the uniqueness of it. For example, there are castle ruins from hundreds of years ago and they will probably be there hundreds of years to come, but that little corner store? That graffiti? That bench that has been coloured? Probably not. If a year or two.

So now, I will bring you along to a cold day (that almost took my toes off and gave me a runny nose for days, it still hasn't stopped) and show you exactly what fascinates me a lot at the moment - streets plus art. (Hopefully) enjoy!

And the main thing... which one is your favourite?

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